Being a partner with SourceCBL means you and your community get special privileges in our systems and in return you let your community know that you're running SourceCBL and inform them of how our reporting/appealing/banning process works.
This means that if you are a partner with us, your most trusted admins can get the rank of "partner community admin" on our website and can add bans into our database without having to submit a report first (but they must still provide proof as everyone else). In the future we also plan to give partners more statistics of the use of SourceCBL on their server(s).


Being a partner with us is not easy, mainly because we value security as our top priority and can't have shady communities adding bans to our database. If you wish to apply for partnership with us your community must meet our requirements and standards for partner communities, as seen below.

This is what your community must meet:

Wish to apply for partnership? Great! Mail us at [email protected] with the title "Partnership Request for (community name here)"

In the end, we'll decide whether we find your community to be an appropriate partner or not.